COVID-19 Update

Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church response to the COVID-19 pandemic

November 12, 2021


New restrictions state that worship services in Southern health are restricted to cohorts of 25, that have no interaction with each other, to a max of 25% or 250, whichever is lower which in our case is 250. This means we will 4 cohorts open for registration for each service. If you are volunteering on a Sunday, you have already been accounted for in this, and will be pre-registered for the appropriate cohort. Here is how the cohorts will work.


Cohort A: will enter through 3 east (the doors by the office) and will sit in the far section closest to those doors on the main level. They will use the bathrooms in the preschool wing. 

Cohort B: will enter through 1 east hub doors and will sit on the east side of the balcony and will use the hub loft bathrooms. 

Cohort C: will enter through the 2 west hub doors and will sit in the middle 2 sections of the main level and use the bathrooms in the hub close to the mailboxes. 

Cohort D: will enter through the 4 west doors and will sit on the far west side of the main level and will use the bathrooms down the kitchen hallway.

Cohort E: will be composed of only volunteers who are on stage or on the production team. They will enter through the shack doors and use the bathrooms in the adult wing. They will access the sanctuary through the west side of the balcony and use the stairs along that side to access the stage and the green room.


Pre-registration will be required for all cohorts and greeters will be at each door checking the list to make sure people enter the cohort that they registered for. Registration will be posted on in the next couple of hours. We will have ropes set up in between each cohort so that there is the least chance of cohorts intermingling. If we do not max out registration numbers we will allow limited walkups until we reach our capacity. 

At this time we will suspend Kidz Printz, nursery, The Well, coffee carts and the library. Stay tuned for information on mid week ministries.

Sunday Services

Register to join us Sunday mornings at 9:00 am or 11:00 am by clicking here. Join us on the live stream by clicking here.