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Pick Up & Walk

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Pick Up & Walk is happening on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

One of the amazing things about Steinbach is its general cleanliness. I’ve always appreciated how well the town is taken care of.

It’s hard to believe that underneath all the pretty snow we have in Steinbach right now there is garbage galore!

One of the ways Steinbach stays in good shape is an annual community event known as Pick Up & Walk. People from all over the community meet together and take responsibility for an area of our town picking up garbage.

Emmanuel people were instrumental in beginning this event and we’ve always had a representation at Pick Up & Walk as it’s grown. Some years it worked for us to have our youth groups go and participate in pick up and walk. I remember in the early years going to the dump and working back towards Steinbach in that little creek bed. It was FILLED with garbage!

I still remember the joy we had seeing bag after bag of garbage cleaned up from that creek bed.

This year I’m encouraging Emmanuel families to sign up to participate in this community event. In my experience, this event is great for children, teenagers and parents for several reasons:

Work Out

At the most basic level it is physical exercise. Walking in the fresh air is good for the body and mind.


It also is an example of work. Moderately challenging physically, it teaches elements of determination, thoroughness, and safety while working.

Talking and Listening

Pick Up & Walk also provides time away from devices where conversations and encouragement can happen if you remember to keep the headphones put away.

Community Contribution

It helps children see that they’re part of a larger community and that it’s good to be a part of improving it. Your family will see many other people using their time and abilities to work together on something.


Taking care of the natural world is an expression of our faith. It also promotes a serving attitude if we joyfully help. The fact that many churches participate also says something valuable about what the church actually is.

There will be more information at Emmanuel in the days ahead about how to sign up and be properly registered for Pick Up & Walk. For now, please mark May 4 on your calendar and maybe start talking about it with your kids. See if your whole family or at least some of you can work together on that Saturday morning, helping make our community beautiful.

Most of the snow should be gone by then! Today, I’m excited about that!


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