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Opportunities to grow spiritually through the words of the people in our church and community.

Welcome to the Emmanuel Podcast, where we examine current theological and cultural topics. We intend to gain clarity and discover valuable truths that will help you be a confident follower of Jesus. Any questions about this episode or ideas regarding future topics email

The podcast content is exclusive to our Emmanuel EFC App. Accessing that is quite simple, visit our church app page for more details. 


Episode 009: Meet Mike Burnard, Our New Worship Pastor

In this episode of the Emmanuel Podcast, we are talking with Mike Burnard, Emmanuel's new Worship Pastor, about where he has come from and what he is all about.


Episode 008: What Does the Birth of Jesus Mean for Us?

In this episode of the Emmanuel Podcast, we are talking with Becky and Kyle from the Spiritual Formation Team about the birth of Jesus and how His sacrifice ushered in the kingdom and fulfilled Old Testament promises.


Episode 007: Philippians Outreach Update

In this episode of the Emmanuel Podcast, we are talking with Mike Thiessen and Devyn Bartel, members of Emmanuel's Philippines Outreach Team, about what's happening with our outreaches to the Philippines and the long term plan for this target location.

Find all podcast episodes, including these ones, on the Emmanuel EFC app

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