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Flourish Women's Gathering

February 25, 2023
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

An event for all women to equip, empower, and encourage you to intentionally grow in your faith, and connect with the community.

Join us for a day of learning, encouragement and worship. Main sessions will be led by our keynote speaker, Lauren Funk.

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Breakout Sessions

Healing Relationships

Speaker: Mary Peters
Mary Peters MC, (Briercrest Seminary) works as a therapist/counselor at Liberty Counseling Centre in Steinbach. She feels it is an honour to walk alongside clients and collaborate with them in the areas of their life that they desire to make sense of and grow in a holistic way. Looking through the developmental attachment lens, Mary will be considering some of the thoughts and questions related to repairing ruptures in relationships. We will explore what restoration looks like and how the journey begins with us and extends to those we love and care about.

Reclaiming Your Identity in Christ
Speaker: Sarah Neufeld

These past 2 years have been hard both emotionally and physically in so many ways.  There have been several unwanted changes to our lives, to the point where we don't recognize this version of ourselves anymore.  Life has changed around us and we have changed too.  This workshop will help remind us of who we are created to be.  I will also guide you through writing your own declaration statement declaring who you are in Christ. This will be yours to keep and to take home with you, it will be your reminder of who you are and who you are becoming. 

Where is God in the Painful Times
Speaker: Lydia Summerville-Dueck

"Where are you God?: Walking, Wondering and Weeping through the Valley of the Shadow"
Utilizing spiritual disciplines to comfort our soul through times of anguish and suffering. 

Spiritual Gifts
Speaker: Nicole Marble

So, you’ve heard about spiritual gifts and maybe even did a questionnaire to figure out what yours are - but then what? What’s the purpose? Does it matter?  Even if you have never investigated the topic of gifts, this session will aim to encourage you with the bigger picture of God's kingdom and your unique hand in building it.

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