Opportunities to grow spiritually, connect relationally and move closer to Jesus!

At Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church, we believe that everyone is designed to live in community, so no matter where you come from, there is a group for you. Joining a group can be a hard decision, but it doesn't need to be! Down below, we've posted some of the most common questions. If you don't find your answer, let us know and we'd love to chat!

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Been in a group for a while? Ready to lead? It's probably time to take the next step. Let us know and our  team will be in touch.

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Weekly eGroup lessons designed to help you intentionally connect with God and grow alongside others. Stream online today! You can see the lessons on our Sermon page or through the Emmanuel EFC App.

Questions about eGroups

Why does Emmanuel have eGroups?

What is the purpose of eGroups?

What is the definition of an eGroup?

How do you join an eGroup?

What do eGroups study?

How often should an eGroup meet?

Where do eGroups get teaching resources?

What's the ideal size for an eGroup?

Why do eGroups do check-in?

What is an eGroup leader?


Since 1943, Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church has been a part of the faith community in Steinbach, Manitoba. Our mission is simple, it is to make followers of Jesus who love and live like Him. How do we do that? By being Gracious, Intentional, and Generous.

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